Thinking About Writing For Hubpages?

I’m sure you’ve heard both good, and bad things about Hubpages, and you may be trying to decide if you should take all your great articles, and post them there.

The answer I would give, and it’s an honest opinion, is NO, Run away from Hubpages, and never look back.

If you decide not to write for them you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, headache, and anger. It’s just not worth it

My Reasons

I was a writer on Hubpages for 5 years, and in that whole time I didn’t make even $5. According to them, featured hubs are the only ones Hubpages allows Google to show on the Google search engine, and all others are excluded. Therefore the only hubs, according to Hubpages,  that can make money are the featured hubs  (I don’t know from where they think they get the power to keep Google from showing your articles).  I had 93 out of 103 hubs that were featured, and one hub alone had 365, 000.00 views when I left, yet I made no money. You would need at least 1000 well written hubs to make enough money to pay a small utility bill.

I had 103 well written hubs, I approved other people’s comments on my hubs, and replied to them. I commented on hubs, gave answers in the answers section, and asked questions.

I participated on the forums, and did everything I could to raise my score, but after all that my hubber score was 65 when I left hubpages. If they don’t want you to get ahead, you won’t. They banned me several times for things they said I did. I did none of the things they accused me of, yet those who did say derogatory things were never banned.

Matt in Team Support did all this against me, and I believe it was because of my religious beliefs

I then went undercover as a new user after my IP address was changed. I immediately had a score of 86, which then rose to 88, as the other person. I obtained accolades every place I turned, and I knew immediately, that neither my old, or new score was by accident, or at random. The score was also not based on any grading system. Scores come through the hubpages staff, and if one, such as Matt in support, doesn’t like you, your score will always be low. In other words if you don’t figuratively  kiss his butt, you make no money (From my experience). (Just thinking about figuratively kissing Matt’s butt, makes me nauseous)

Hubpages gets 3 Arrows Down


3 Arrows Down-Not Worth Your Time-Best Advice-Stay Away

2 Arrows Down Not Recommended At All

1 Arrow Down-Not Something I liked


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