The Bible-Hebrew Or Aramaic?

Hebrew or Aramaic
Biblical Aramaic is the form of the Aramaic language that is used in a few verses in Daniel, and Ezra in the Hebrew Bible. It should not be confused with the Aramaic paraphrases, explanations, and expansions of the Jewish scriptures known as targumim.
The targumim (singular: “targum”, Hebrew: תרגום) were spoken paraphrases, explanations and expansions of the Jewish scriptures that a Rabbi would give in the common language of the listeners, which was then often Aramaic. That had become necessary near the end of the 1st century BCE, as the common language was in transition and Hebrew was used for little more than schooling and worship. Eventually, it became necessary to give explanations and paraphrases in the common language after the Hebrew scripture was read. Because of this many people think the bible was written in Aramaic but it was in fact, written in Hebrew. Some also confuse Arabic with Aramaic, but they are not related

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