Psychic Development

Psychic Development

During this course we will explore many aspects of psychic & spiritual development from chakras to astral projection, however we will start the course with what is possibly the most important lesson of all. Meditation is the most powerful tool available to us when it comes to developing spiritually and psychically. For this reason meditation is used extensively in all kinds of psychic development courses and there will be a different meditation available to buy as a supplement to each and every lesson. It is not compulsory to buy any of these meditations, however it is common for most people to purchase meditations on the subjects that they find the most interesting and appealing to them.

A quote by Yogananda (A pioneer of Yoga in the West). ”Meditation, or consciousness focused upon itself, is the ultimate revealer of who you really are, and what you truly are. You can discover an inner guidance within yourself, and that inner guidance will guide you to the destination you need to go. You have already been guided to many things which are opening you to be aware, but the greatest tool for self knowledge is meditation”.

What is Meditation.

During our day our minds are constantly active in the process of thinking. There is a constant sensory input that comes from living our lives. Whether we are watching television, reading or even having a conversation, with everything that we do we are constantly engaging in inner thought. We are so used to doing this that we are not usually fully aware of all of the thought activity that is going on. This constant churning of the mind can make our thoughts clouded thereby making it harder for us to concentrate or focus on a single thing.

Meditation allows us to calm the mind and reduce the activity and inner conversation that we have with ourselves. This helps to clear the mind and allows us to become more focused. We experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation and our minds will feel refreshed.

“When the sea is rough, sediment is churned up and the water becomes murky, but when the wind dies down the mud gradually settles the water becomes clear.” (

Why Meditate.

The main reason for meditation in psychic development is to make the mind as calm and quiet as possible thus allowing us to better connect to the spirit world and our higher self’s. The higher self is our existence in the higher dimensions or the spirit world, otherwise known as our soul.

We all have a connection to our soul but the strength of that connection is weakened by the continual chatter of our conscious thoughts. The connection becomes stronger when our conscious mind closes down when we are asleep. This is why our dreams are important, however it is often difficult to remember our dreams and even when we do it can be difficult to understand the messages within them.

When we meditate we can calm the mind and strengthen the connection to the higher realms and become closer to spirit but because we are still awake we can remember and understand what we find there. This makes meditation the most powerful tool in understanding our self’s, our lives and the reasons why we are here and what we need to learn. Through meditation we strengthen our intuition and the knowledge of our higher self’s will come through.

Meditation Techniques.

Meditation involves concentrating on something, to focus the attention of the mind and thus help prevent the random thoughts and chatter that is usually going on. This may be something that is looked at like a candle flame or a picture but it is often something that is listened too. This can include a single repetitive sound like our own breath or repeating a mantra to reach a state of deep relaxation where the mind will become open and lucid.

More specific results can be gained by listening to a guided visualization, where we use our imagination to visualize ourselves in a particular place or situation according to what we hear. This is usually followed by a period of silence which creates a space where our higher self can come through and information can be passed into our conscious mind. The point of the visualization before this is to take our mind to a specific place so that we can gain specific information.

There are also guided visualizations that are used to work with the various energies that are contained within us.

In later lessons we will explore many different meditation techniques; your mind will reach various states of consciousness and you will be taken to higher realms and dimensions.

Best Way to Meditate.

For the best results you should set aside a particular spot that will be used every time you meditate. It should be a quiet place where there are no distractions.

You should be comfortable to a point where you able to be still for a long time but not so comfortable that you are likely to fall asleep. Many people find that the best way to do this is to sit up straight on a chair.

If possible you should meditate before a meal rather than just after eating.

Ideally the best time of day to meditate is early in the morning. Although meditation is beneficial to us whatever time of day we choose. It is said that early morning meditation is more effective as our mind is still relatively quiet after sleep and before the hustle and bustle of the day has begun. However it is much more important that you have plenty of time in which to meditate. If you are worried about how long you are spending and thinking about where you need to be or what you need to get done then you will not be able to relax properly.

Physiological Effects.

Meditation is a fantastic way to relax and unwind. This can benefit the body by reducing stress as well as lowering blood pressure and pulse rate. Also when you concentrate on a particular part of the body it increases the blood flow to that part and the cells receive more oxygen and other nutrients. Today, many of the film stars and fashion models include meditation in their daily regimen. Meditation can also reduce anxiety attacks, decrease muscle tension & even help to build self confidence.

Binaural Beats & Meditation.

Binaural Beats are Not a “New Age” Fad. Binaural Beats have been researched for almost 170 years. The human brain goes through many frequency cycles during each day. Different frequencies produce different effects to the human consciousness. Using this information, it has been discovered that the brains receiving and operating frequency can be altered by sound waves. Many of the most powerful brain frequencies are under 20 Hz. Since the ear itself does not respond to frequencies below 20 Hz, Binaural Beat Technology came about which uses the inner wiring of the brain to produce the frequency with perfect accuracy. This is a great way to achieve altered states of consciousness that are perfect for meditation.

Binaural Beats work by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear. For example, if you wanted to tune your brain to a 7 Hz frequency, you could play 200 Hz in your right ear, and 207 Hz in your left ear. The brain will compensate for the difference between the two and produce a third tone that will be exactly 7 Hz. This will result in your brain frequency being lowered and tuned to the desired 7 Hz operating stage.