Our Credentials

I have my RN, DNP, and MSN

RN-Registered Nurse
DNP-Doctor Of Nursing Practice
MSN-Masters Of Science  In Nursing

Our Qualifications and Achievements

I started out as a Registered Nurse then went back to school to get my Masters of Science in (MSN) Nursing. I also got my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) It seems (and I did) spend years in school. I study/studied every area of medicine and know as much as a doctor. I am not being boastful, I am just telling the truth. We spend years in school and have to know every area of medicine unlike doctors who study to be Specialists. Yet our pay is scandalously different. When Joel and I opened our Medical Center about 1 1/2 years ago, I was making $60.00 an hour, and the paper work was endless. Each year in order to renew our License, we have to take classes on the latest medicine, medical procedures, breakthroughs, and technology and pass with a very high grade (the lowest grade is a B).



Here Are Our Certificates and Licenses

Number one, Joel is a Jewish  Rabbi,  and  extremely wise.

Joel is also known as Rabbi Joel Jacobs or Rabbi Jacobs

Joel has a few degrees and all of them were and are great for running our business. His degrees are:

Joel has his, MSc, MBA, MCL

MSc-Master of Science
MBA-Master of Business Administration
MCL-Master of Civil Law

Joel’s MBA License is in Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management
This taught Joel the complexities of the health care industry and he took courses in quantitative reasoning for business and health care organizations and delivery systems.
The courses entailed, management, human capital management, business law, organizational leadership, economics, accounting, applied business research & statistics, operations management, corporate finance, marketing, and strategic planning & implementation.  These courses have made him the leader that he is in our business.
Besides the Business Law courses he took in his MBA classes, Joel also got his Master of Civil Law License. He is now a Civil Law Attorney, which is everything but criminal.

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