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In Loving Memory Of My Brother
Gary Allen

Wait! Oh Wait! I Trail Fast Behind
By Deborah Sexton

We used to play together
as brothers and sisters do
I loved the time we spent together
and I always loved you

You were a special kind of person
a protector of the weak
And in your strength as my hero
you were gentle, kind and sweet

Your visit here on earth was short
and I often ask God why
Someone with a loving heart
is destined so young to die

I wanted so much to die for you
If it meant you could live.
But God had a different plan
And life wasn’t mine to give.

But I find comfort in this
It gives me peace of mind
Wait! Oh Wait! My Brother
For I trail fast behind




In Memory Of Those Killed Alone In Iraq

“Barbarians Loom”

By Deborah Sexton

Taken by those so full of hate
In sly secrecy they loom
Barbarians have sealed their fate
Beckoning them to their doom

Is this a sign of the end of days
Spoken of so long ago
Of dark shadowy infinite ways
while feeding their lustful egos

We watch helpless as they are led
to chambers yet unknown
Barbarians waiting to behead
anyone who is not their own

Innocent blood is shed for what?
With broken hearts we cry aloud
With prayers that come to naught
incased in death’s shroud

The soulless ones will be found
and taken to their grave
You’ll know when you hear the sound
Freedom rings in the land of the brave

( dedicated to those beheaded/murdered in Iraq )

” Alien Friends ” 
By Deborah Sexton

They whirled around me in the night 
Their wands held in the air
I saw the pulsing light about
but couldn’t find from where

I tried to move and cover up
But my arms felt like lead
Time stood still nothing was real
except the memories in my head

They took me up somewhere real high
Not a word did they speak
but sent me messages in my mind
that frankly made me weak

Hieroglyphics came floating down
right down into my eyes
they than used my own vocal cords
to teach me of their lives.

I fell in love  with them that day
when we met eye to eye
Know the gods are watching us
As they dart across the sky

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