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Hi, I’m Deborah           Debe TGH Right Braid_n             

I  am a Nurse, I have my Masters in Nursing and my Undergraduate is in Biology. My husband Joel, and I own a medical business together. We worked hard for ten long years to achieve this goal.    

These are a couple of my two latest photos   

Debe on Knees UseOur Dream Come True

Joel and I had a dream to open a business. We prepared for ten  years to fulfill our dream. We finally opened the doors to the public last year (June 2013). Now we are truly happy in both our personal lives and careers. Now we can rest.

One Of My Latest Pictures (Left)

My Certificates and Degrees     Debe Sm DR                                                        

I have my MSN, and have been a caregiver for a long time now

I am a Reiki Master, Ordained Licensed Minister   in the United States and I have my certificate of semichah (Ordained as a Rabbi) in Jewish Mysticism
I believe in all things, and my practice is eclectic, because all things emanated from  one source.                                                                           

Me with red hair (Right)

                                                                           I’ve had my day in the Sun

Debe Park Blonde Yellow copyMy Writing            

I have had two special poems published in hard copy books. They were published  in 2006 and 2007. One I wrote for my much loved brother, Gary who died way too young. The poem I wrote for him is ” Wait, Oh Wait, I Trail Fast Behind ” and The other poem published is a fun poem that I wrote in five minutes ” Alien Friends “
Writing is important to me. It is my favorite way to express myself from my soul.  I also love to give to people so I write articles to help. I’ve had about 15 articles published and my photos used in magazines (on the Internet I’ve published over 200) . I’ve been told I have a very unique and pleasing style.
I am currently writing a book on Alien Abduction after interviewing a lot of people who state they have experienced it.

My pictures   Debe Big Smile-Bld Braid

Joel and I  haven’t had many pictures taken, but I will post them as I find, and scan them

Yes, these pictures are of the real me. They are cropped and enlarged from smaller images




Debe TGH Right Braid_n My Most Recent Picture (Left)

Debe's Smile Beautiful Bl Curly Hr-2


A Braid in the Oldest, and the Latest

   My Oldest Picture On This Page (Right)  Debe Big Smile-Bld Braid







Debe Park Blonde Side PT-22b

Debe at Park FB Photo

  Debe Sexy at Nye 2

Debe Park on Fence Sexy 69y copy3

Debe at Desk Bust


More Photos, and Drawings

Warning: My photos may not be copied for any reason, and I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who does

In this life we live,

what goes out comes back to us

As we meet ourselves

Converting To Judaism-Orthodox-Hasidic


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