Meet The Owner-More Pictures


Light blonde hair

Joel loves my hair when it’s blonde, regardless of the shade, from white blonde, to strawberry blonde

Debe-Old Fashion

Squinting In The Sun

My Greek brother-in-law has his arm around me

Debe Younger Use Blk and Wh Debe Younger Use Fix

Debe Cheesecake-2

Debe TGH Right Braid_n






Drawing Of Me

My friend Gina was learning to draw Portraits, and I was her Guinea pig

Drawing Debe-2


The Most Important People In My Life, My Family. I love them more than life.


My Husband

He tried a mustache, and we both didn’t like it, but I love this handsome man with all my heart and soul

This was taken at a company picnic after a game of ball. Joel was sitting on a bench talking to an employee, and wasn’t aware that someone standing close by was taking his picture

Joe S Close

Our Lovely Daughter Jenifer (Jeni)

Jennifer Infant

Our Very Attractive Son, Peter

  Peter One Yr  Peter Shooting PoolPeter So Round.


My Pretty Sisters

My Older Sister, Angelina


My Even Older Sister, Janice

Janice MO for FB 2

My Oldest Sister, Judy

Judy fluffy do MO 2.

My Sister Joyce Around Five (5) years old, and now

GaryJoyce_face1 Joyce Short Do 2.

My Much Loved, And Handsome Brother Gary, around three (3) years old

Garybaby_face0 Gary Happy 2

Read Gary’s Sad Story


Debe Standing @ Lake



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