Light Principle Activation

Find a time to rest comfortably, preferably outside during sunlight hours.

If possible, find a quiet, secluded place, whether in your own yard, neighborhood, community park, or more isolated place in nature.

Come into a restful, preferably upright posture.

Rest with awareness building in your heart center, being mindful of your environ, and all you are perceiving, within, and without.
Slowly bring that awareness more intently to inner mindfulness, watching your breath arise, and recede, resting within it likes waves of the ocean, breathing in, receding out, entering a calming state of tranquility, peacefulness, or mindful coherence (or, positive feeling state.)

Build your feeling states of this within the heart center.

If you are able to rest in direct sunlight, do so, and, feel it directly upon you, as we continue.
If not, imagine you are being bathed by direct sunlight, and use your imagination gently to build the feeling senses as if this were directly happening.

Feel the potential of the sun bathing your body.
How do you experience it? Is it warm, soothing, transcendent, transforming, electrifying?
What are the principles of the sun as you perceive them?

Rest in that sunlight, allowing it to penetrate, gently, like your breath, ever deeper into your internal environment, eventually bathing every cell of your body and being, awakening, enlivening, germinating every cell of potential within you. Invigorating you.
Rest within this ‘matrix’ of enlivenment, or creative potential.
Then slowly listen to this voice activation, or read it if you prefer.