Kabbalah Concept Part III Divinity

Kabbalah Concept Part III Divinity
By Deborah Sexton
Kabbalah is theology in the fullest sense – including ontology, cosmogony and cosmology. It is not speculative philosophy based on human insight nor theories derived from human reasoning. It is a study, as it were, of Divinity and of the relationship between G-d and His Creation, based on the premises of revealed truth.

The illumination emanating from Kabbalah ignites the soul of man, setting it on fire in the awareness of a deeper and higher reality.

Kabbalah is all this – but always and exclusively within the context of Torah

When unlearned people call Jewish Mysticism evil, it’s a slap in the face of Judaism and God’s holy Torah


Is it possible to know True Divinity? The functions of our minds are limited and we see everything in dualities. If we think of up we automatically think of down and bring separation to both directions in our own mind. Because Divinity, has to be beyond all limitations, Divinity is not and cannot be dual in nature. If we say Divinity is male then we are also saying that Divinity is not female and we are placing limits on it. Divinity is complete unity, with no duality. This unity lies within Keter Because we have limited minds, Divinity cannot be like anything we know. In fact, the ultimate speculation we can make about the nature of Divinity is that Divinity is NO-THING which we can know.
In Hebrew, the word for No-thing (Nothing) is Ain.

As soon as we put any qualities upon Divinity we limit the Source-of-All. As stated, a male God limits God to being not-female. A Merciful Divinity does not have the Righteous severity of being just. A Divinity which is limited cannot be the Ultimate Divinity.Therefore, the only quality we can put on Divinity Is that Divinity is WITHOUT LIMIT. And the Hebrew word for “without limit” is Ain Soph.

We see so far that Divinity is unlimited, has complete unity without any duality and since we cannot comprehend Divinity, it is NO-THING or AIN. Divinity is WITHOUT LIMIT or Ain Soph.
The kabbalist Moses Cordovero, writing in the 16th century, put it this way: “The essence of divinity is found in EVERY SINGLE THING – nothing but IT exists.

Since IT causes every thing to be, no thing can live by anything else. IT enlivens them. Ein Sof exists in each existent. Do not say, ‘This is a stone and not God.’ God forbid! Rather, ALL existence is God, and the stone is a thing pervaded by divinity. But also do not say, ‘This stone alone is God. Again, God forbid! For God is not confined in a stone.”


The Torah says that if we beheld the “face of God” we could not live. Mankind has a problem looking at any bright light. Since we cannot behold a bright light, we cannot behold the face of God. The first inconceivable and unknowable, non-experienceable aspect of Divinity is Brightness beyond what we can imagine, LIMITLESS LIGHT. The Hebrew word for the “light without limit” is Ain Sophor. These three are conceived to be above The Tree of Life with a “veil” beneath as shown in the following diagram to the right and above:

Because the word Ain means nothing, the three above the first Sephira has been called the three veils of negative existence. However this is incorrect, because in fact Ain does not mean nothing, but rather No-thing which our dual minds can’t conceive, understand, or know.


The first known Kabbalist theory about the creation of the universe is from the Sepher Yetzirah. It states that God moved the magical Hebrew letters and the physical universe was created. In Genesis God spoke the Universe into existence. Rabbi Isaac Luria holds the theory that before the creation, God filled the universe, then, because of the desire to “Give”, God decided to create.

God pulled back or contracted a little, leaving a space. Luria called this, Tzim-Tzum.

God, then sent a beam of Light from within “himself” out into the newly abandoned space. Apparently trying to create vessels for this energy. In order for God to create something in which He could give to, it had to be separate from Him. Once it was separated, it could not contain the light of God and shattered. , forming the shells or what is known as the Kelliport, the places where demons dwell. God attempted the process again, this time succeeding.


The energy from the Ain went through the Ain Soph, through the Ain Sophor and into the first Sephira. That Sephira filled with energy, then overflowed into Sephira number two. Sephira two filled with energy and overflowed into Sephira three and so forth down the Tree of Life into Sephira ten where an equilibrium, a balance was established.

As the energy proceeds down the Tree, it goes from being very ethereal and spiritual until the tenth Sephira it manifests as the physical plane, and our planet Earth. Thus this energy is seen as constantly creating our Universe. This energy comes directly from Divinity, and without it all would instantly cease to be. Thus, with this simple way of looking at the Tree of Life, we can see how truly God must love us to constantly be giving us existence.

Here is a type of mathematical way of looking at existence as represented by the Tree of Life: From NO-THING comes LIMITLESSNESS (Outer-Space). Filling this LIMITLESSNESS is LIMITLESS LIGHT (Big-Bang, or perhaps the Space-Time continuum).
But, this is all abstract. This is just energy. Now we need to develop solidity out of energy.

Further Study

We will explore this in Kabbalah Concept Part IV.


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