Kabbalah And The Elements

Kabbalah And The Elementselementsall16
By Deborah Sexton


The Kabbalah teaches that everything that exists came into being through the life-giving forces of the Female Principle, after her union with the Male Principle. The Female Principle is the vescica piscis, akasha or ether.
Her name is composed of four Hebrew letters: Yod, He, Vav, and a second He. We can transliterate these letters as I.H.V.H. They correspond to the four elements as follows,

I Air
H fire
V Water
H Earth.
The last letter in Hebrew has a dot underneath it to indicate it is the final letter. It is read from right to the left. The first letter symbolizes the beginning of creation as an idea In the mind of God; the second letter indicates the plan of creation; the third, the gestation process that brought the universe into being; and the fourth: the completed process of creation, the realized plan.

The name, which has been corrupted into Jehovah, is known as the Tetragrammaton, the name of four letters. It is a fourfold process that embodies the entire creation. Everything that exists falls within the aegis of one of the four letters of this name and of the four elements It has created.

The Kabbalists have embodied all of these Teachings, as well as their entire philosophy, in an extraordinary system of cosmic and physical correspondences called the Tree of Life, an awesome store house of knowledge.
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