Kabbalah Abundance Ritual

Spin A Vortex Of Magic

Hello !
Destiny has brought you to a very poweful ritual
A Ritual that brings you not only financial Abundance
but mercy and goodness

This ritual will bring wonderful mystical
changes into your life

Remain undisturbed
If Possible, Face East

Sit up with your feet on the floor
or kick back a notch in your recliner
Place your hands in your lap both palms up

Relax your mind and your body, release all tension
Put your lips together and seperate your teeth

You are in the woods
There is a very large ancient tree
You Walk closer to the tree

As you Stare at the tree
You notice an astral doorway beginning to take shape

Putting your hands on the tree you Lift up your right leg and place it into the doorway
and crawl into the tree

You notice the crystal clear blue atmosphere
The color blue with specks of twinkling silver surrounds you

You take a deep breath and see silvery blue air enter your nostrils.

Suddenly on the wall of the tree, there a few feet in front of you

You see the word “ EL, God the mighty one “ engraved in the tree.

The words are etched deeply into the wall of the tree

You call out inwardly the name “ EL “
Your inner voice echos throughout the universe “ EL”
“ God The Almighty One” cover me with your mercy

From the corner of your eye, you see a large Archangel settle into a spot close to you.

You turn to the Angel and call out in
acknowledgment “ Tzadkiel” prince of mercy

You feel hundreds of Angels enter.
You inwardly allow your voice to echo “ Has maleem “
Brilliant ones

You see a Mighty Crowned King in the distance
You watch him in amazement as he approaches you
There’s a cup in his hand

The King stands before you and offers you a drink from his cup
You take the cup and drink
The liquid is sweet

The King turns
He places his back against your chest
You Feel his warmth
You feel him merge and melt into you

You Realize he has just become one with you
You feel wonderful

The King is you and you are the King

Now slowly open your eyes

When you do
Know that the King is still there as a part of you
You now have all His attributes
You have now inherited all of his abundance

Keep this mind set
As often as possible remember and acknowledge you two are one

Afterward go out into the open nature if possible, and spin around as you swing your arms to gather life’s abundance. This will create a vortex of power.

Keep notes of any gift someone gives you over the next few weeks regardless of how small

Do this ritual as often as possible

The God In Me Bows To The God In You

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