How To Remember Your Dreams In Greater Detail

By Deborah Sexton

The five types of dreams

1. Dreams resulting from the brain storing the days eventsInformation is stored on various levels depending on how the events affected you.

2. Psychological dreams.  This is when your mind is conveying a message to you. For instance you dream you are saving people, your dreams are revealing your deep desire to be a hero. They are also the things we need to acknowledge and face in order to grow. According To Carl Jung, these dreams have symbolism known as Archetypes, that mean the same thing, regardless of who dreams them.

3. Problem Solving. Your mind knows your problems and the solutions, but you may be too pressed for the answers, so while you are sleeping, your dreams reveal this information to you.

4. Spiritual/Psychic .Because our days may be too busy to tune in, or we just don’t believe, our dreams may tell of past, present and future events. In scripture these were called “night visions”. They may be laid out in exact identical events, or contain symbolism 5. *The fifth type is at the bottom of this article.

Remembering our dreams can be very revealing and life changing

You can remember your dreams by recording them. This is why you should keep a dream diary
My mother used to say “Tell your dream to someone and you’ll remember more about the next one.”
This is very true. When you take the time to tell someone about your dreams, your subconscious mind takes it as a cue that dreams are important to you.
Occasionally we have dreams we don’t want to tell others, for one reason or another, and a dream diary is another way to tell your dreams. Whether you tell your dreams to another person or you write them down, the cue is conveyed to your subconscious.
Each time you tell a dream in one fashion or another, you do indeed, remember the next one better.
I can remember dreams so well, that it takes 3-4 pages to write them down.

Your Dream Diary

Put a note pad and your dream diary along with a pen next to your bed. When you awaken during the night and/or in the morning, write down what you can remember about any dream you’ve had. Add additional keywords, describing your dream, the way you felt, and the characters in your dream. As soon as you awaken for the day, using your note pad, transfer your dream to your dream diary. Give a full description of your dream as they occurred, the events, colors, people, animals, numbers etc.

If you never remember your dreams this may seem like a problem, how can you write down a dream you don’t remember?
In the beginning you may want to set the alarm to waken you in about 3 hours.
As soon as the clock alarms grab your pad and write down anything you can remember about your dreams. If you remember only that you dreamt of a tree, write it down. Never rely on being able to remember your dreams, regardless of their simplicity.

Practice will eventually bring all your dreams to the waking world. It will also help you obtain *lucid dreams

A lucid dream is where you know you are dreaming, and change the events.

These are often the prelude to astral travel.
An unusual part of lucid dreams, is false awakenings. You think that you have just had a dream, and are now awake, just to awaken and find you were dreaming the whole time.

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