How To Find Your Numbers

These are based on the Pythagoras numerology system and not on Gematria which is the Jewish number system

Karmic Debt Number

Here’s how to calculate your Karmic Debt Number: Add together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a single digit number of 1 – 9. Example: For someone born on 5-5-2001 you would write the numbers as  5+5+2+0+0+1 = 13 (1+3) = 4. This person has a Karmic Debt number of “13/4.”

More likely, Karmic Debt numbers for adults are found in your Destiny, Soul/Heart’s Desire and Personality numbers that are determined by using the full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, applying a numeric assignment to each letter and adding the same way as we did in the example above.

Destiny Number

The Destiny number uses each letter of the full name at birth

Karen Jones would be:

Give the letters numeric values

K=2, A=1,  R=9,  E=5,  N=5,  J=1, O=6, N=5,  E=5,  S=1

Then add the numbers and reduce to a single digit

2+1+9+5+5+1+6+5+5+1=40/4 (4+0)

4 is the Destiny number


Heart’s Desire Number

The Heart’s Desire uses only the vowels of the full name

Karen Jones would be:

Give the vowels numeric values

A=1, E=5,  O=6=E=5

Then add the numbers and reduce to a single digit

1+5+6+5=17/8 (1+7)

8 is the Heart’s Desire number


Personality Number

The Personality number uses the consonants

I think that now you can calculate this yourself



 This is the Pythagoras Numeric Value of Letters

1 A, J, S

2 B, K, T

3 C, L, U

4 D, M, V

5 E, N, W

6 F, O, X

7  G, P, Y

8 H, Q, Z

9 I, R


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