How To Astral Travel

By Deborah Sexton

How To Astral Travel Or Have an Out Of Body Experience or OBE

Before I had an out of body experience I didn’t believe it was possible
I tried for one year before I gave up in despair
Two nights after I gave up..I had one. I could never deny the possibility again.

Have you Astral traveled? Have you experienced this unique feeling of total freedom? If you haven’t you are really missing out on the ecstasy of being without the heaviness of your physical body

Thinking about an out of body experience tells your mind how important it is to you. This is your first step, simply wanting to have one.

Practicing shows your mind even more, how important it is to you.
After you have experienced one the others are easier.
Trying different techniques is helpful

Here are the powerful exercises

1. Lift Out Of Your Body Exercise

Lie down undisturbed on your bed or a place where you are comfortable

Think of your Astral body as a light body living inside and connected to your body yet separate.
Relax every muscle in your body

Now try to forget about the heavy physical body and see yourself as the Astral body
See yourself in your Astral body rising up, First by raising your Astral body’s the shoulders, the back etc. until you are completely standing

Feel yourself pick up your Astral body in the same manner you would your physical body

Do this several times before going off to sleep

2. Climbing Out Of Your Body

Taking the same undisturbed position on your bed and having relaxed all the muscles in your body..See your crown center open

Imagine your Astral body reaching out of your crown center and grabbing onto a rope that is hanging next to you. Slowly pull your self up and out of your body. Try about 3 times before drifting off to sleep

3. Practice

So it didn’t happen? Don’t worry keep trying.

Sometimes this works the same as when you are trying to think of a name The harder you try to remember the name, the more it escapes you. You give up and later the name comes to you

When you practice you are telling your spirit you want it to leave your body. When you are done the spirit takes over


Anyone Can Astral travel

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