Candle Ritual Colors

Candle Colors In Ritual Work

Candle Colors Burned For
White, spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest
Light Blue peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions
Dark Blue moodiness, depression, unfortunate circumstances
Green money, gambling luck, business, steady work, good crops
Yellow devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction
Red love, affection, passion, bodily vigor, luck
Pink attraction, romance, clean living
Purple mastery, power, ambition, control, command
Orange change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams Brown, court cases, neutrality
Black repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, evil, harm
Metallic Gold gold, money, gambling luck, prosperity, success
Often two colors are used to work together to create magic, affect energies. Candles vary in shape depending on its purpose in candle burning/magic

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