Candle Aids and Moon Phases

By Deborah Sexton

Exodus 30:27
And the table and all his vessels, and the candlestick and his vessels, and the altar of incense

Candle Aids

The following items will aide in your candle work and give it strength.


Incense is made from a number of items: resins, herbs, extracts, wood bases, pods, gums, charcoal, and other ingredients. It is necessary to grind them to make a homogeneous mixture. When used with the Candle Rite, It increases the power, and helps a petitioner reach his or her goal. Many incenses are available commercially pre-mixed, and meet the rigid demands of the user.

For your Altar, a wooden table or actual Altar is advisable. Whenever possible an Altar Cloth should be used

Oils are specifically made for each intended use, and are blended in certain ways, according to specifications handed down .

Powders are designed to assist the Ceremony, and extend the power to a more personal level.
Moon Phases

The Waxing Moon

The period of time between the New Moon and the Full Moon. This period shines brightly on Rituals that are intended to attract, reunite, uplift or improve situations.
The Waning Moon

This is the period from the Full Moon to the New Moon, stopping at the Dark of the Moon. Rituals that are intended to drive away, banish, remove, defeat, reverse or punish are favored during this period.


Moon Phases 2014

First Quarter Full Moon
September 2 04:11 AM September 8 06:38 PM
October 1 12:33 PM October 8 03:50 AM
October 30 7:48 PM November 6 03:22 PM
November 29 03:07 AM December 6 05:27 AM
December 28 11:32 AM
Moon Phases 2014 Continued

New Moon Last Quarter
September 23 11:13 PM September 15 07:05 PM
October 23 02:56 PM October 15 12:13 PM
November 22 5:32 AM November 14 08:17 AM
December 21 06:36 PM December 14 05:53 AM

2015 coming soon

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