Hebrew Idioms In Scripture


Idiom Meaning
Seed descendants
Possess gates capture cities
Said in heart thought to self
The way of women menstruation
Lift up your head restore to honor
Loins? descendants
Flowing with milk and honey fertile
Mighty hand force
Open the womb be born
Sweet water water fit to drink
His anger burned very angry
Long of Anger slow to anger
Her sickness her period
Soul person
House of bondage (land of) slavery
Heart lifted up proud
Close hand selfish
Heart melt lose courage
Beginning of his strength his firstborn
Squat outside defecate
What comes from you excrement
Slack hands abandon
From the womb from birth
Gave him another heart changed his attitude
One who urinates against a wall a Male
House nation
Sons of the prophets group of prophets
Gird up your loins get ready
Small of hand weak
Look each other in the face meet each other in battle
 Open hand generosity
 Saw his face had access to him
Send a hand against assassinate
Knew no quiet in their bellies greedy
Soft heart fearful
Kneel over have sex with
Son of man other humans
Break teeth make powerless
Enlarge space set free
Their throat is an open grave they speak deceitfully
Eye is consumed vision is blurred
Iniquity in my hands guilty
Hearts and kidneys thoughts and emotions
Snorts scoffs
Double heart duplicitous
Little man of the eye pupil
Clean hands act purely
Lifted heel against turned against
Tongue struts through the earth arrogantly order everyone
Lift horn defy God
Right hand might
Number days use time wisely
Hide your face refuse to answer
Dries bones drains strength
Fruit of the mouth what someone says
His banner over me is love he loves me very much



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