A Powerful Love Ritual-Kabbalah

Created and Written By ©Deborah Sexton


Love Ritual Using Kabbalistic Techniques That Work.

This is for drawing the perfect love

Netzach is the sphere of Love and Attraction. It is also the Sphere of our Emotions. It is the part of our consciousness that draws others to us with the blessings that come to us through other people. It is the Feeling level of consciousness that gives us understanding in all relationships

Touching this level of consciousness awakens us to Love, Idealism and Sexuality. It helps us to overcome impurity on all levels

We must learn how to flow with nature. During the time we are working on this level we must coax and invite the people and things we love into our lives. We must use special simple techniques that open the levels of consciousness to conjure and coax what we desire from anywhere in the universe.

Love is there for us, but we have to realize and accept it.
When we work on the level of Netzach (Neht Sach) we are opening our Love consciousness. Netzach is associated with the planet Venus.

Use The Art Of Eye Gazing

Learning The Body pose/dance for Love & Sexuality

We must learn to conjure and coax with our eyes. This eye gaze is something we seem to be born with the knowledge of. If you have ever had someone flirt with you who you were not interested in, you will understand what I am saying about the eyes. The first thing we do consciously or unconsciously is to avert our eyes away from the unwanted suitor so as not to lead them on or give them the wrong idea.

In the ritual look up and to the right enticing with your eyes.

My Eyes

Though these may SEEM unrelated to love, the symbolism is from ancient times and resonates throughout the ages.

Use The Eye Gaze With Body Movements
The Next Secret To The Love Drawing Practice
Is to combine the eye gaze with body movements

Stand erect, begin to sway your body and swing both arms freely and slowly as though inviting someone to come over to you. All the while look upward and to the right drawing the visualized person in with your eyes while holding your breath. These special techniques will stimulate parts of the brain and align your consciousness with the level of Netzach. Stretch your right hand outward toward Netzach (which is East and located at the 7th level from the top on the Tree of life), inviting the energies of this level into your life. Invite and draw out the energies with your gaze and hand. These techniques are simple and easy to learn.

These are very powerful tools for obtaining our desires.

You really should not coax someone you know, but allow the Universe to bring in the right person for you.


Be careful however of inviting into your life that which belongs to another. The Kabbalah carries with it rewards in what we term as both good and bad. Be careful not to reap harsh Karma.

During our ritual we use visualization of a magical image

The magical Image for this level is a beautiful naked woman who brings you a gift and the gift is a rose either pink or red. (This magickal image should be used by men and women)

After The Eye Gazing and Body Movements

You can do this meditation or do it the next day. You can do one and the next day do the other, alternating them back and forth. They seem long in the beginning, but eventually try to do them all in the same day. Working for what we desire brings it about quicker.
The meditation is below in the next step. You might want to tape yourself giving the instructions and play it during your meditation.

Do The Meditation

A Ritual that brings you not only Love and Attraction but understanding in all relationships
This ritual brings wonderful mystical changes into your life, very powerful secrets to obtaining love and most of your desires.

Remain undisturbed
If Possible, Face The South

Sit up with your feet on the floor or kick back a notch in your recliner
Put your hands in your lap placing both hands down
Relax your mind and your body, release all tension
Put your lips together and separate your teeth

You are in the woods, you see a very large ancient tree
Walk closer to the tree
Stare at the tree and notice an astral doorway beginning to take shape
Put your hands on the tree and crawl inside. Notice the crystal clear green atmosphere. The color green with specks of twinkling lighter shades of green surrounds you

Take a deep breath and watch silvery green air enter your
On the wall of the tree, there a few feet in front of you
see the words “Jehovah Tzabaoth, God of Hosts “ engraved in the tree.
The words are etched deeply into the wall of the tree
Call out inwardly the name “Jehovah Tzabaoth“ (Yeh-Ho-Vah Sab-ba-oth)
Your inner voice echos throughout the universe “Jehovah Tzabaoth”
“God Of Hosts” Help me win over the hosts of my emotions

From the corner of your eye, see a large Archangel settle
into a spot close to you. You turn to the Angel and call out in
acknowledgment “Haniel” Angel Of Love & Harmony
Now feel hundreds of Angels enter your space, feel the air from their wings.
inwardly allow your voice to echo “Elohim“ (El-O-Heem)

See a Beautiful naked Woman in the distance
You watch her in amazement as she approaches you
See the rose in her hand
The Beautiful Woman stands before you and offers you the Rose
Take the Rose and breath in it’s fragrance
The smell is so sweet

The Beautiful Woman turns and places her back against your chest
Feel her warmth, feel her merge and melt into you
Realize she has just become one with you
You feel wonderful
The Beautiful Woman is you and
you are the Beautiful Woman, The Goddess

Now slowly open your eyes
When you do, know that the Beautiful Woman-The Goddess is still there as a part of you. You now have all Her attributes You have now inherited all of this Love & Beauty. Keep this mind set
As often as possible remember and acknowledge
you two are one
Keep notes of any gifts of love someone gives you.


If it helps Use Visuals./Mapping

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